Painting Cygnar

So shoot me. Last time we talked I was on the Goatvahna bandwagon and was all about my Circle Orboros. After much time and consideration about how the force needed to be fleshed out to be competitive, I decided there were just too many models I don't like that I'd have to use. Unwilling to use the Tharn models and really not being a fan of Skinwalkers, my choice became more clear. Cygnar. I already had a Stormwall and a decent sized force, albeit non-competitive and looooove board control.

Off to Discount Games Inc., the store of Jay Larsen of the Chain Attack podcast, to spend my holiday gift cards. In all I got Arcane Tempest Gun Mages and The Dude(UA), Boomhowler and Co, Captain Jonas Murdoch, Rangers, epic Eiryss and Gorman. Plenty to round out my force and give me options from Stormwall to dudespam.

As you can see, I have assembled everything. Rangers are ready for flock and sealer along with the Dude. I'm about 85% done eHaley, but need more superglue to mount her to a paint-pot so I can finish her without holding her robes or base. Tomorrow I'm off to my local to replenish my glue and paint supply and really buckle down to get eHaley and the ATGM squared away. Below is the dancer herself, "done" to the bottom cloak swirl, like this post.


  1. Looking great! I especially love the urban bluegrey and browns of the rangers.

    Is one of these going to be submitted for JBL paint competition? :]

    1. Thought I missed that? I'll look at the rules and see if I have anything that qualifies.